Global ventilator demand has dramatically surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and traditional engineering and manufacturing approaches are incapable of meeting this immediate need. That’s the genesis behind the Stanford/CZ Biohub Ventilator Initiative.

In partnership with CZ Biohub, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, respiratory therapists, academics, and industry professionals are working together at unprecedented speed to develop a simple, low-cost, single-use ventilator that can be quickly manufactured in high quantities to meet current and future needs. To achieve this humanitarian goal, the team has rapidly gone from concept to final design and is currently identifying contract manufacturers, and pursuing regulatory approval for emergency use.

It takes everyone coming together to make something like this happen. We welcome individuals and businesses with component and manufacturing capabilities that can help the team meet their rapid development goals to contact us at . Thank you—and stay safe and healthy!

Rapid response ventilator rendering
Rapid-Response Ventilator Rendering

Team Contributors

(as of April 15, 2020)

  • David Camarillo, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Ryan Van Wert, Stanford Pulmonology
  • Sam Raymond, Stanford Bioengineering
  • David Cornfield, Stanford Children’s Health
  • Larry Miller, 219 Design
  • Dave Bim-Merle, 219 Design
  • Trevor Wesolowski, 219 Design
  • Alex Wood, 219 Design
  • Wes Waugh, 219 Design
  • Andrew Sauter, 219 Design
  • Abe McKay, 219 Design
  • David Gutierrez, 219 Design
  • Peggy McLaughlin, MPMAdvisors
  • Mike Horzewski
  • Christoph Mack, Andrews-Cooper
  • Anessa Chilton, Andrews-Cooper
  • Tom Ryan, Andrews-Cooper
  • Tyler Smith, Andrews-Cooper
  • Chelsea Ramm, Product Realization Group
  • Aadel Al-Jadda
  • Michael Keer, Product Realization Group
  • Matthew Callaghan, OneBreath
  • James Kennedy Wall,Stanford Children's Health
  • Enrique Romo
  • Brett Ley, Kaiser Pulmonology and Critical Care
  • Dwayne Free, Stanford Medical
  • Jim Chua, Retired RT
  • Michael Fanton, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Gus Domel, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Yuzhe Liu, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Hossein Alizadeh, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Sam Monga
  • Nicole Batista, MCRA
  • Michael John , MCRA
  • Bryan Loomas
  • Lina Miyakawa, Mount Sinai
  • Ed Carryer, Stanford Mech. Eng.
  • Sam Baker, Stanford Comparative Medicine
  • Godfrey Mungal, SCU Engineering
  • Ross Venook, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Steve Quake, Stanford Bioengineering
  • Gajus Worthington , CZBioHub
  • Gregory Burns, UCSF
  • Polina Murdakhayev, UCSF
  • Brian Daniel, UCSF
  • Chris Danek
  • Scott Murano, Wilson Sonsini
  • Dominique Filloux
  • Shilpan Amin, General Motors
  • Michel Maharbiz, UC Berkeley EECS
  • Mauricio Bustamante, UC Berkeley EECS
  • Jordan Edmunds, UC Berkeley EECS
  • David Piech, UC Berkeley/UCSF Bioengineering
  • Jonathan Schor, UCSF/MSTP
  • Ryan Herbst, SLAC
  • Aaron Roodman, SLAC
  • Jon Saltonstall, AlvaMed
  • Mark Cox, AlvaMed

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